Wednesday 12 September 2007

Subscribing to this blog

I'm asked how to get to see the blog without having to visit it too much.

Well! How rude! It's as if people had better things to do!

There are probably lots of ways to do this. Here are the ones I know.

First, when you're on the home page you may see a symbol light up above the page (I'll paste in a picture later). This shows that your computer has understood the blog as a 'feed.' Actually you may have several of these! Browse them.

One of them is on your Windows Live toolbar if you have one. You could click on the little arrow to the right of the symbol and 'subscribe' - then you can visit this and any other feeds (like news and weather) any time you like via

The standard one on the bottom row of buttons may also be configured to do this, or just to store the links for quick access.

My preference is having my own custom pages at iGoogle which gets me all I want. Get a google account if you need one (they're free) and log in to that page. You should see at the top, "Add stuff."

So click on that and all sorts of generally popular stuff will pop up. Top right, next to the search box, there's, "Add by URL." Click on that. And a little box will appear.

Paste in to this: and click "Add." Now click on "Back to Homepage." Voila! You can click the little arrow to choose how many posts you want to see.

Good luck!

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