Tuesday 24 February 2009

The Church of England says Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

I'm (we bloggers are...) asked to post a link to the C of E's Twitter page so, loyal type that I am, here goes.

For those of you who haven't peeped out of your virtual nest and tweeted yet, maybe this could get you there. I'm encouraged.

The request came as follows:

May we ask all those of you who blog to mention our twitter url. We want to have a big community of people helping others this Lent.

to which I tweeted back

@c_of_e yes... what form will this community take? (did I miss something?)

but I'm still waiting for a reply. So it may be that this is slightly less of a dynamic entry into the twitterverse than it appeared.

Sunday 22 February 2009

Proposal for a new word: Implanation

The air is full of politicians offering implanations. They call for 'more responsible lending' - sorry, where's this irresponsible lending happening today??? - and contend that (if already in power) we would have avoided problems if only we had followed their principles; or else (if they are not presently in power) their insight would have prevented the crash.

So my proposal is this:


  1. The act of identifying in current events vindication for past or present political policies, programmes or principles.
  2. An implausible logical sequence that fully exonerates the speaker

I encourage you to try this for size in conversation.

See you in the OED appendix.