Tuesday 11 September 2007

Books - The Original Story

Another book from my reading - the first I read because it was on the reading list (there were some I'd read before I had the reading list, which pleased me greatly!).

The Original Story, subtitled God, Israel and the World Barton & Bowden

Very readable - Old Testament background, overview of scholarly views and techniques, but written and presented in a school text book way (which isn't meant to be a criticism!).

Horrible cover, though.


  1. Hm. I just read a Bible introduction-type book, Far As the Curse is Found, by Michael Williams; ISBN-10: 0875525105. It's a very good introduction to the covenants of the Bible. He says all the things I would want to say about them and takes the same positions I take. He's a Covenant Seminary prof. It was required reading for Chatt. Christ. School teachers this summer. Yes, I liked it. Right now, I've just finished reading Farmer Gyles of Ham to Sheila; I will now pick us back up where we left off in Ransome's Swallows and Amazons. For my serious reading, I'm taking the CS Lewis Soc. through Miracles and I've just finished Packer's 39 Articles; gotta find something else.

  2. A good quick read I'd recommend is Tom Wright's The Lord and His Prayer. One I think is out of print and is definitely out of date in some respects (particularly relating to the now defunct ASB), but worth a read if you happen across it, is Worship in the Church of England, Harrison and Sansom

  3. I've read the Wright book. As for Anglican stuff, I have started Hooker. Someone found a nice old Everyman's edition for me. More on Anglican stuff in another e-mail.


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