Tuesday 11 September 2007

Mystery Object

Cambridge is a late starting city. I had to be up and about early, so I cycled around a bit to get some fresh air and kick-start the circulation. But even by ten to nine, the city feels like no-one wants to be out of bed. The market's just setting up, the coffee shops are open but near empty, the few pedestrians have dazed or purposeful or resentful looks.

Here is today's mystery object. In Cambridge. But no more clues.

In case you're still thinking about DNA001, it's time for the first clue.
(Drum roll.)
There's a connection with Doctor Who.
More next week unless someone gets it.


  1. I'm thinking it's related to a cooling or heating system of some kind - but Dr. Who? Hm! A phone booth with an AC/Heater unit?

  2. Cold (re heating system)

    "related to Doctor Who" is a clue for whence the DNA001 tag, so misleading you on this one :)


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