Saturday 8 September 2007

End of the day

Wonderful resource, common worship. At night time, there's compline. Try it!

(Also available as a very nice booklet :) )


The first weekend of term time is always a pleasure: the children back into school routine and appreciative of the break.

The children asked for a 'duvet day.' Just let me get my hands on whoever coined that phrase...

We negotiated.

So we had a quiet morning, then out and about for the afternoon.

We went to the playground in the first picture (they're someone else's children, in case you're confused!), which is by the bit of the river in the second. Very picturesque :)

For more pictures of us all than you could possibly want, send me a message and I'll let you know how to track us down on facebook.

Conclusion: Cambridge is a great city for families!

Friday 7 September 2007

Nerd Notes

Essential tools - well, I haven't started yet, but I hope they'll come in useful:
  1. A Windows Mobile - synchronises contacts, diary etc with my PC
  2. Facade from SBSH for the above - makes it more useable
  3. BibleReader for the above (with, at the moment, the NRSV text) from Olivetree

I just have to make sure I don't lose my mobile. (By the way, apparently reception is lousy in college, so the one thing I probably won't use it for is making calls ;) )


Well, not so much Greek yesterday as I intended. What does today have in store?

  • Cycle off to the shops for cat food etc
  • Cook, ready for a guest tonight
  • Finish at least one reading list book

I'll publish some more of what I'm reading later, but the priority now is

How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth Fee & Stuart

(bought this one on Nearly finished, just want to polish it off so I can tick it off the list!

Thursday 6 September 2007


A new day

Job #1 - cycle to Sainsbury's for the day's provisions. Then a bit of New Testament Greek. Languages aren't my strongest point - just as well I have a bit of help from Ruth (who's doing Hebrew too, show-off :) ).

The Elements of New Testament Greek, Duff

Wednesday 5 September 2007


There will be a virtual prize for the first person to tell me the significance of my DNA001 tag... Apart from its being available when my name isn't, of course.

Hints will follow in due course.

Getting started

Well, here we are.

A little about me - so you can check whether it's worth coming back!

In the mid 1980s I was at college and became a Christian over the course of two years - starting out as a Dawkins style scientific atheist and ending up a still scientific Christian. At the same time, I also had a strong sense of calling to the ordained ministry, which I successfully kept more or less at bay for 20 years.

It got me in the end.

So at time of posting, I am about to start my training at Ridley Hall in Cambridge - a student again.

This blog is meant to be a way for friends, family and well-wishers to keep tabs on my progress.

Welcome. I'll keep you posted.