Sunday 9 September 2007

Hello from Ruth

Well, Jeremy has done all the graft to get this blog up and skipping, so it's about time I wrote something. Hello! We've had a lovely day, the weather here being as clear and crisp and beautiful as it always is in early September. The sun always comes out when the children go back to school! I love that autumnal morning smell, dew on vegetation about to turn. It evokes the whiff of new exercise books and the feel of new uniform - as a spoddy type, I always did relish the return to school and now there's the joy of getting my house back into some sort of order. It's been the wettest summer of the children's lives and during the longest stretch of rain, which lasted eight days, I felt an affinity with Noah shut up with all those animals, but was grateful for better plumbing, of course.
This week's challenges include doing some more Greek with Jeremy - we've done two and a half chapters of the four he's got to cover. Anna's got a French test tomorrow to decide which set to put her in. She's already done quite a bit of French, some will have done none, some will be bi-lingual! She seems relaxed, anyway. Louis and Raphael seem to have settled back happily in their new classes. We had a great time this afternoon seeing some friends and playing at their local rec, which has impressive brand new play equipment including a zip wire! I played more football than I have played in my entire life! It's harder than it looks, you know. Louis made us laugh doing slow motion action replays.
Bye for now.

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  1. Yippee! Congratulations on your first actual post!

    [PS - careful about making any posts about the pre-revision B.Th. - that would just be blogging a dead course]


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