Friday 21 September 2007

Old friends, new friends

We had a pleasant surprise when our very dear friend Howard dropped by: here he is with his godson.

The question of which church I'll be attached to is still uppermost in my mind, so this and Howard, a former colleague and friend from a previous church, set me thinking about the trail of churches I've spent at least a few months attending came to mind.

Here they are, starting with the most recent and working back to when I became a Christian. (Ruth - please correct me if I've made any major blunders!)

Cambridge - Holy Trinity
Basingstoke - St Mary's
Lindow - St John's
George Town - Elmslie Memorial
Loudwater - St Peter's
Warfield - St Michael the Archangel
Beaverton - St Bartholomew's
Bracknell - Holy Trinity

All places I've found the love of Christ present in his people and where I've learnt important lessons of any and every kind. So what's to be next?

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