Friday 18 January 2008

A Prayer for Christian Unity

My heart is pure, my hands are clean
I lift them now to sing his praise
The words I sing I truly mean
Yes! I shall serve him all my days
With face aglow and heart ablaze
In every season of the year
In every caref'lly chosen phrase
In every place where I appear
And tell his grace both far and near
This great salvation, stripes that heal
The Word Made Flesh who casts out fear
And welcomes sinners at his meal
I never knew you. Go away.
You stand and block the narrow way.


  1. Very good, thought-provoking poem. Here's an idea. As part of the octave for Christian Unity, how about visiting OLEM with me (your wife) next Sunday morning? It would be lovely to worship as a family in my church for a change, as I always go to the Saturday Vigil Mass or 8 o'clock alone and then go and worship as a family in the church of your choice. I'm doing my absolute best to prepare myself to be a good vicar's wife, and have really tried to involve myself in Ridley Hall things (Spice, the music group, singing your funny song in the Review, learning Greek to help you etc etc.) A little act of 'Christian Unity' on your part would be fantastic!

  2. Well...

    We must talk about this some time :)

    During term time, I don't worship in the church of my choice, but in the church to which I am attached; I need special permission to do otherwise. Once I'm ordained, I'll have a similar, perhaps even greater, reason to be cautious about missing...

    In terms of my studies, I am fully involved with the Catholic House (Margaret Beaufort) that is part of the Cambridge Theological Federation, training alongside its students and benefiting from its tutors, and during this week I will attend Morning Prayer there once at least.

    Outwith that, I'll be perfectly happy for us to attend OLEM, and as ever poignantly aware of the symbolism as I stand for a blessing, not to receive what is not offered to me. I hope we will live to see the day that Roman and Anglican Church members are welcomed at the Lord's Table set out in either.


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