Friday 7 December 2007

Royalty - May this song minister to you this Christmas


I was hungry, and you fed me
I was lost until you led me
From the misery of my own poverty
I knew nothing till you taught me
Your free gift of grace has brought me
The great riches of your kingly royalty

Royalty, royalty
Thank you for your royalty
Though this song of mine's so terse
Every time you sing this verse
20p goes in my purse
From your royalty

Bought a guitar, learned to strum it
Wrote a tune so you could hum it
Then I had to find some words you'd love to hear
Words like 'love' and 'peace' and 'holy'
Then some rhymes like 'cease' and 'soul'....y
And a bit to sing up high - like this bit here


Chorus (last time)
Royalty, royalty
I just love this royalty
I'm so glad, Lord, to know you
'Many mansions' - yes, it's true
It's not bad, what you can do
With the earnings that accrue
From ten songs and a year or two
Of royalty

Copyright © 2007 Jeremy Parsons

20p payable for each use :)

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