Thursday 15 November 2007

It's too long since I was here

It's been too long since I was here - sorry!

For a change I've put some public photos on facebook - if you want to see more I usually make them friends only so you'll have to join, but these you should be able to see regardless:

Things that have happened recently include:
  • My first deaconing (i.e. assisting up front for the service, on this occasion robed, a real thrill :) )
  • My first preaching slot at my attachment slot (as far as I know, no-one stormed out afterwards)
  • My first proper essay (OK, OK, you had it much tougher)

The college communion service was very interesting, as I was on the planning team. Happily I didn't have anything too responsible to do, so I was able to have fun taking piccies, some of which were used in various guises. Here's a selection.

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